Independent Living: The First Step To Aging In Place

ER Senior Management communities provide seniors with a continuum of care that ensures peace of mind for the long term.

ER Senior Management is a Texas-based Senior Living management company. With a variety of available levels of care, their communities are a great choice for aging in place.

What is independent living?

Independent Living communities are retirement communities for seniors. These can take the form of stand alone homes or apartments. They are designed to provide convenience and social stimulation for retirees who have spent their lives working hard and are ready to reap the rewards of their efforts.

Residents remain independent, coming and going as they please and managing their own lives, while taking advantage of the many community amenities.

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They live among other active seniors who are in the same stage of life, making friends and participating in the full schedule of carefully curated community activities when they choose.

What are the advantages of Independent Living vs staying in my home?

Both have their advantages, but downsizing and moving into an Independent Living community can make a senior’s life so much easier and less stressful.

  • Smaller living space. Rather than remaining in a larger home with unused rooms or rooms that are just collecting clutter, downsizing and relocating to a smaller, more manageable space is really the gift you give yourself. Less space means less to clean!
    And when you take advantage of the common rooms in the community, like the lounge or dining room, you may even find the rooms are actually larger than your home. And you don’t have to clean those either!
  • Designed for seniors. Most likely, your home was not designed for aging adults. As mobility becomes a concern, two-story homes and small bathrooms can pose a threat to your safety. Independent living communities are designed with walk-in showers, lever door handles, higher electrical plugs, lower windows, and safety grab bars in showers.
  • Community of friends. Aging at home can be lonely. You may look around your neighborhood wishing for friends your own age. In an Independent Living community, you can spend your days surrounded by your peers, older adults in the same stage of life.
  • Proactive planning. It is nice to have control over the process of moving and downsizing. And rather than leaving that to your loved ones at a later, less convenient time, you can save everyone the hassle of sorting and relocating decades worth of belongings and momentos by doing it ahead of time.
  • Continuum of care. While you may not need assistance with activities of daily living or skilled nursing care now, there may come a time when you do. When you live in an independent living community, you are already part of a community that is ready to support you while you age in place. Your network will include the staff that you already know as well as the friends you have made while living there. What’s more, it will be a choice you made for yourself rather than leaving the decision up to your family.

What is aging in place?

Aging in place means aging in the location of your choice for as long as possible. This can be done in your home or in a senior living community. However, the success of this is really dependent on the amount of services that can be provided in your chosen location.

If you are considering Independent Living, you may not be thinking about your needs down the road as you age or if your health was to decline. What happens then? Will you need to move again to a different community? Not at all! Your ER Senior Management community will have the resources to support you and your changing needs.

Aging in place in an Independent Living community can be done with ease. Our Senior Living communities are actually campuses that are made up of smaller communities that provide various levels of services.


Meadow Lake

Tyler, TX

The Craig

Amarillo, TX

Wesley Court

Abilene, TX

The Oaks at Bartlett

Bartlett, IL

Independent Living
Assisted Living
Memory Care 
Skilled Nursing

Our communities offer an entry fee option that will allow you to access that greater support when the time comes.

What is an entry fee option?

According to the IRS, an entry fee option is a one time fee that guarantees the resident will continue to be taken care of as their needs change.

When planning to move into an Independent Living community, most people are usually just looking for the convenience of the retirement lifestyle. More supportive services are not considered because they aren’t necessary – at that time anyway. Your needs change as you age, and the refundable entry fee option secures your access to those necessary services before you need them.

In the event of a sudden change in health, the community is ready to respond to your needs. Instead of losing sleep over how you will secure necessary services, like assistance with activities of daily living or even Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing, the refundable entry fee paid well in advance takes that burden off your shoulders as well as the shoulders of your loved ones.

Entry fees are refundable and can vary by location. Check with your local ER Senior Management community for more information.

Why is Independent Living at an ER Senior Management community the right choice?

Knowing your future needs are handled well in advance will give you peace of mind. With everything taken care of, you will be worry free while you enjoy your new home for many years to come. Your future self will thank you!


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