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Evergreen Senior Living | Seniors outdoors

Independent Living: The First Step To Aging In Place

ER Senior Management communities provide seniors with a continuum of care that ensures peace of mind for the long term. ER Senior Management is a Texas-based Senior Living management company. With a variety of available levels of care, their communities are a great choice for aging in place. What is independent living? Independent Living communities

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The Benefits of Entry Fee Vs. Rental in Senior Living

ER Senior Management Communities Offer Flexible Financing Options Are you considering a senior living community but wondering about the finances? Choosing a community is a major decision, and it’s important to have flexibility not only in the offered services and amenities, but also the payment options. ER Senior Management is unique in the fact that

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Evergreen Senior Living | Seniors moving

The Ultimate Aging In Place Guide

Living alone gets harder as we age, but with the right community and advanced planning, aging in place can keep you happy, healthy and independent for a long time. What is aging in place? Simply put, it’s the ability to live your life free from the hassle and stress of moving into an advanced care

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Meadow Lake | Seniors holding hands

Meadow Lake: Caring Through A Crisis

Keeping Our Community Secure and Healthy in the Face of Adversity Last month, the Lone Star state experienced devastating, once-in-a-generation winter storms that resulted in the loss of power for millions. Our power and communication lines were down, but the committed Meadow Lake team remained focused on keeping our residents warm, safe, fed, and cared

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Evergreen Senior Living | Senior woman with associate

Independent Living from ER Senior Management

We Provide Homes And Apartments for Active Seniors Across Texas ER Senior Management helps seniors live the lives they want with first-class amenities and comfortable independent living homes and apartments. Everyone loves their personal freedom (especially in the Lone Star state), and there’s a common misconception that independent living means a reduction in the opportunities

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