Are Pets Allowed at ER Senior Management Communities?

Our Guidelines Regarding Dogs and Cats

Our team at ER Senior Management recognizes how rewarding pet ownership can be for seniors. 

Why should I consider moving to an ER Senior Management community as a pet owner?

All four of our communities throughout Texas provide a fun, secure environment for you to spend time with your favorite furry companion.

How can I benefit from caring for a pet during my retirement?

If you belong to one of the 85 million households that have a cat or dog, you have likely been soothed by their presence. Animals tend to calm and reduce feelings of isolation in seniors, which has been especially important throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

It may be hard to meet new people, but dogs and cats make great friends!

You and your pet can feel better together while staying in shape through long walks, too. Studies continually show that consistent exercise can reduce your risk of depression, help you sleep more soundly, boost your cognitive health, and improve your overall mental health on top of its most-discussed benefits, such as weight loss, strengthened muscles, and increased bone health.

When people retire, they often lose the predictable schedules that had given their lives a sense of order. Aside from our regularly-scheduled events and activities, by feeding and/or walking their pets, seniors can maintain minimal yet satisfying predictability and responsibility. Many are incredibly satisfied by caring for other living beings.

What are our guidelines for pet ownership in our senior communities?

Most ER Senior Management communities allow each resident to keep one small cat or dog in his or her living space. Wesley Court is one exception; it allows pets in its executive homes but not in its apartments.

Each community has its own size and breed restrictions. For example, most tend to have a twenty-five pound limit, but all are generally pet-friendly.

We also require a pet deposit at each community.

Why are ER Senior Management communities great places to raise pets?

Our communities make for great places to take scenic walks with your pet. In addition to each campus’ walking trails, manicured lawns, and stunning views of surrounding water, here are some of our best outdoor features:

The CraigMeadow LakeWesley Court
40 acres in the Northwestern area of Amarillo, TX featuring a fountain and gazebo for a relaxing view 92 acres within the Texas Piney Woods Region in Tyler, TX70 acres in the south side of Abilene, TX
Nestled near the heart of Amarillo’s scenic community surrounded by lakesGated campus on beautiful, rolling meadowsVast campus with landscaped courtyards

We know both you and your pet will be happy with your surrounding neighborhood and friendly seniors. When your pet is back at your spacious home or apartment, you will have plenty of time to socialize and engage in other activities such as sports and fitness classes. We support seniors with active lifestyles, as well as those who simply want to relax alongside their pets during retirement.

At ER Senior Management communities offering assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and respite care, there is no need to retire alone! To learn more about our pet ownership policies or various community features, please contact our team today.

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