5 Reasons Why Seniors Choose Buy-in Entry Fee Homes vs Monthly Rent

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Once we are eligible for retirement, there are many options provided to us when it comes to housing. Sometimes we must shift our lifestyles towards a community based on the assisted care we need. For others, we have the ability to choose between buying and renting in a retirement community, with care as needed. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both. As for Wesley Court in Abilene, Texas, we are helping seniors with this choice by providing either an entry fee home or a rental residence. Wesley Court is providing a 90% refundable entry fee with LOWER monthly payments than renting to people with all types of income levels. This opens up a whole new way of making this decision. In most cases, people are choosing a buy-in entry fee home over monthly rent in general. Here are 5 reasons why that is the case today.


As stated in the seniorliving.com article called Statistics About Seniors, “Only three percent of senior citizens live in nursing homes.” That means most are seeking alternatives when entering their retirement age. While renting may present more flexibility, there is nothing quite like a senior living buy-in option. At Wesley Court, the ownership aspect is able to provide the buyer with a sense of stability that comes with inheriting property of your own. However, seniors do have a choice to rent as well at our community. Another perk that comes with owning vs renting in a buy-in retirement community would be the ability to negotiate a price. Most renting options offer flat fees and monthly payments. With buying, the option is there to find a price that works for the buyer and the seller.

Having Control by “Aging in Place”

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When one thinks of senior housing or any type of retirement community, it is common to pair those thoughts with the idea of losing your control. However, “aging in place” is an option that gives seniors the ability to retire in their own homes or in a space that is less about medical care and more about comfort (with care as needed.)

“This ‘control’ provides the underpinning to our feelings of dignity, quality of life, and independence. One’s home is a strong element in that sense of security.” – via seniorresource.com.

Independence is a huge element of our everyday lives and just because we age does not mean we lose that. With a buy-in retirement community, such as Wesley Court in Abilene, TX, there is a level of care that is guaranteed for the remainder of life. It’s that combination of assistance and comfort that really attracts seniors to buying, or, “aging in place.” You also have the option to choose a modern and spacious apartment for renting if a buy-in option isn’t the right decision for you.

Stability in a Saturated Market

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As seniorliving.org states, “The average American life expectancy is 78 years,” however, “More than 50,000 Americans are age 100 or older.” Those numbers may surprise you but for some, that means retirement plans need to be figured out a lot earlier.

Those who move into [buy-in retirement communities] are ‘thinking ahead’,” says Robert Kramer, president of the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry. “They want to choose a community ahead of time rather than having limited choices when a health crisis hits.” (via Forbes.com)

If seniors are sorting out which retirement community to move into sooner, and what buy-in options are available to them, they are able to find the best location for them and have less to be concerned with when it comes to the future. 

Luxury Living

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It’s fair to say that Wesley Court in Abilene provides outstanding features in both their senior housing and renting options. Some features in the executive homes include:

  • Two-car garage
  • 2 or 3 bedrooms, with a master bedroom and ensuite bath
  • Covered back porch
  • Gourmet kitchen
  • Interior/exterior maintenance
  • And so much more!

Wesley Court’s modern apartments are suited best for seniors who can mostly live independently, with some care needed. Renting also offers the leisure aspect of paying month to month without such a large commitment. Some of the amazing features include:

  • 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with kitchenettes for IL residents
  • 1 bedroom apartments with spacious kitchen for AL residents
  • Balcony
  • Courtesy beverages daily
  • And more!

Wesley Court also offers stunning views of the water and immaculate landscaping. In Abilene, you’re guaranteed to live a comfortable and deluxe lifestyle.

Wesley Court’s Buy-in Advantage

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As with most buy-in retirement communities, the fees tend to be higher. This is due to the great level of care one receives, while also providing outstanding housing. “You need to approach these communities as an investment,” says Bernard Krooks, an elder care lawyer in New York City. (via Forbes.com) 

As for Wesley Court, we provide a wonderful opportunity to help people of all income levels to make their decision. Our Abilene retirement community offers a 90% refundable entry fee for buying with lower monthly payments than renting. This truly provides a life-changing option for those who are considering a buy-in option and who may not have a large sum of money designated for housing. Wesley Court understands how huge the decision process is when it comes to where you will be spending your retirement years. And sometimes we don’t always make the right decision off the bat. With this option, seniors are less likely to give in to renting simply due to financial issues. The thought of living at a buy-in retirement community in Abilene just got a lot more flexible, thanks to Wesley Court!

Once again, buy-in entry fee homes vs monthly rent is a decision that seniors are still struggling with today. However, the advantages of comfort and stability, while also being able to live a luxurious lifestyle, simply outweigh the renting option for most. A huge contribution to this decision is finances. At Wesley Court, they have recognized that issue and are here to help along the way.

Wesley Court is offering its seniors to invest in a home with a 90% refundable entry fee that would lower monthly costs. If skilled nursing and assisted living is needed, Wesley Court provides that onsite care so there is aging in place. To learn more about Wesley Court’s buy-in entry fee housing options, visit our website!

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