8 Questions to Ask on a Senior Living Community Tour

Touring a senior living community is not only a great way to experience all of its amenities, but is also a crucial time to have your questions answered by associates who have relevant training and everyday experience. Below are some of the many questions you can ask to help you better understand how a community can meet your needs.

Does It Offer Virtual and Frequent Tours?

Our website contains vivid photographs of the people and places that make our community special. During COVID-19, however, tours have been limited, but the community has adapted by providing virtual tours of their commons. If viewers have any questions when digitally viewing the building, they are able to contact us through our website. Each visitor has also been able to see a Canyon or Patio Home by private appointment accompanied by a knowledgeable staff member.

How many ways can associates at other communities show you around — and how often? Sometimes potential residents live far away from where they plan to move, which is why virtual tours are so useful. No matter where you are from and plan to spend your retirement, we know you will want to be sure you make the right choice. This may involve visiting the same community multiple times, too.

Does the Community Value My Security?

In October of 2020, visitors and residents will listen to Ms. Sherry Stone, Special Investigations Program Director at Texas DFPS and Winters Department Police Officer. While in our grand Plaza Dining Room, she plans to speak about common scams directed at seniors and how to avoid them. We recognize that security not only involves shielding our seniors from harm; it also requires us to educate them so they can make their own informed decisions. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our specially-trained associates well-educated on related protocols and procedures have taken as many precautions as possible to maintain our residents’ health. We are promoting social distancing, frequently sanitizing all areas, continually testing both our team and residents for COVID, and more. 

Before, during, and after the pandemic, an ideal senior living community will have always kept the security of its residents at the forefront of all its efforts. This is what we at The Parks strive to do; wherever they decide to live, we hope you or your senior experiences minimal risk so they can enjoy their retirement.

Do I Love Its Location?

Evergreen Senior Living | Resident outdoorsConsider whether or not you want to live close to friends and family members, as well as whether a big city or urban area would be right for you. What kinds of attractions will you want to visit nearby if you take a short trip away from your community? Pricing can also vary by location.

Located on a sprawling prairie, The Parks’ city of Odessa is a top destination for seniors looking forward to relaxing in their retirement. The city features eighteen scenic parks, museums, libraries, and fine dining restaurants of many cuisines. Within the Texan region are Davis Mountains, Guadalupe Peak, Big Bend National Park, and Monahans Sandhills National Park.

Is It Affordable?

Make sure that you have set a reasonable budget for your retirement and can afford your senior living expenses for years to come. Since senior living tends to be an investment, most experts recommend that you should continually contribute to your savings throughout your lifetime. Although it is impossible to know exactly how much costs will rise in the future, communities like The Parks have one of the best solutions.

The Parks offers a 90% refundable entrance fee plan for independent living homes. This results in lower monthly fees and less uncertainty about rising costs than rentals. Utilities including extended cable and phone service are included, and we offer insurance on the structure of all residences. 

What Kinds of Opportunities Will I Have to Stay Busy?

Evergreen Senior Living | Residents painting outdoorsWhile social activities have been limited at many senior living communities in recent months, we at The Parks have learned to keep our residents active without compromising their health. We hold socially-distanced gatherings around community guest speakers and educational instructors on a variety of topics. Residents are also invited to share stories about their previous careers or provide entertaining sessions. We lead art and fitness classes, encourage residents to take part in golfing, baseball, or fishing, and connect with others during socials or happy hours. 

Consider what kinds of activities and hobbies you currently enjoy. Will you still want them to be available to you at any time during your retirement? 

What Is On the Menu?

Which foods do you enjoy? Are you trying to eat a healthier diet? Our own menu offers a variety of choices to choose from, all catered by professional chefs and staff. The Parks proudly features delicious homemade soups, fresh salads, and desserts with a daily special.

Which Level of Care Do You Need?

Whether you are mainly independent or need a bit more help with daily tasks, consider our range of Assisted Living services. Seniors who pursue Assisted Living at The Parks can be assisted with chores, use scheduled transportation, and receive healthcare monitoring as needed; those with greater needs may require medication management, bathing, dressing, grooming assistance, and one-person transfer assistance. Skilled Nursing residents may live at The Parks temporarily or over a long period of time and have access to private rooms, where a medical director supervises them with constant check-ins. They are provided with therapeutic diets planned by a registered dietitian and a program of activities approved by a social worker. There are also Rehabilitation services to help seniors recover from medical treatments and other physical conditions through Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. Finally, Respite Care enables the loved ones of seniors to take a break from their daily assistive tasks. These short-term residents live in fully-furnished buildings and receive the same care as most full-time residents.

Which Kind of Residence Do You Prefer?

Do you want to live in an apartment, condo, or townhome, where you will have more opportunities to interact with other seniors or spend more time alone while still being part of a welcoming community in a detached home? If you prefer the last choice, our community might be for you. Many of the Parks’ rental homes contain spacious floor plans, a carport, and a fully-equipped kitchen; in addition to these features, our entry fee Canyon homes may also have two full baths, garage and attic storage, and an emergency response system. Think about which amenities you would appreciate the most!

We encourage you to ask all of these questions and more during your tour. If you are planning to schedule a tour with The Parks or want to learn more, please contact us today!