Make 4th of July activities fun for seniors!

4th of July is a great pretext to plan some fun activities for the seniors in your family and The Craig Senior Living community. You have plenty of options, regardless the preference of a senior to go out or stay in.

Activities for seniors who enjoy being outdoors

Traditional celebrations for the 4th of July include visiting relatives and friends for having a barbecue, or watching live fireworks in the evening. Most seniors are fond to traditional celebrations, because they remind them of nice moments in their life, therefore an invitation to a barbecue or a picnic will be very much appreciated.

Activities for seniors who prefer staying indoors

Many seniors are simply not able to go out because of their health, but they would still enjoy being a part of some 4th of July celebrations. For them, there are ways to bring the festivities in.

  1. Involve them in a creative session to craft holiday decoration for the house. Whether it is about creating a patriotic lampshade, a 4th or July wreath, or dying some plant pots in the colors of the flag – these activities are fun and bring health benefits.
  2. Organize a karaoke session, based on patriotic sing-a-long. Fun will be guaranteed.
  3. Watch a classic movie, such as Casablanca or Singing in the Rain.
  4. Involve seniors in cooking traditional foods (delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, patriotic desserts etc.)