Setting Up A Picnic Space For A Senior With These Easy Steps

Evergreen Senior Living | Residents sitting outdoors

Picnics and barbeques are symbolic for good times shared with loved ones. They are casual yet special. Choosing to set up a picnic space for your senior can be a good way to stimulate their interest and lift their spirit. Plus, a picnic is also a pretext to promote the social interaction that comes with eating in a good company. You can also encourage them to get involved with food preparation.

However, considering their age, when you take your senior out for a nice picnic, you must make sure that the outgoing will be senior-friendly.  Maybe even get them to visit physical rehabilitation centers for several visits prior to picnic time to keep them moving easily and comfortably.

  • Seat them in a shady spot and limit direct sun exposure, as it might put their health t risk (seniors are more sensitive to the sun, not to mention that some medication increase the risk of sun stroke or sun poisoning).
  • Make sure your aging loved one stays hydrated while being outdoors. Pack enough bottles with fresh water, lemonade or other beverages they like
  • If you know you will be out until late in the evening, bring a light jacket for your senior; it might be needed.
  • Also bring a comfortable seat, as well as a cushion, because standing directly on the ground is not so comfortable for a senior.