Moving Tips For Seniors And Their Families

Evergreen Senior Living | Residents waving to adult children

Moving your senior into an assisted living community is a very challenging process. First, this is an emotional moment, because someone will live behind the place they have called home for years or even decades. Secondly, this moving scenario involves downsizing.

Communication with your senior is very important during this entire process, to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Do your best to show your loved one that they are still in control of their life, so give them as much choice as possible.

Make an effective moving plan and enlist help from other family members. A collective support will greatly ease the stress of moving.

Sort and organize the objects that are going to be moved. Sell or donate what is left behind. Clean the house, make the necessary repairs and take care of important maintenance issues, to be able to sell it or rent it.

Make the preparations for the moving day to include respite care Odessa has for your senior. This may include hiring a full service mover, which is the most convenient options, or a self-service mover, which is cheaper but it will be you and the family who will load the moving truck. Another option is renting a truck and do it yourself, but you must have the necessary resources for this.