How to Care for Seniors

Evergreen Senior Living | Associate helping resident

In order to provide adequate care for seniors in skilled nursing facility Amarillo, Texas has or at home, you must first understand their needs. Of these, we mention:

Physiological needs

This category includes all needs aimed at maintaining the normal functioning of the body (food, water, air, sleep, protection from cold and heat…). These are necessary for survival and represent the strongest human needs. Given the fact that the elderly people may not be able to meet all these needs, it is the caregiver who must provide the senior with easily digestible food, in accordance with the diet recommended by the doctor, to ensure that the environment in which they lives is clean and airy, to create a pleasant atmosphere and to ensure that their sleep is restful.

The need for security

Everyone wants to feel safe and live away from life’s threats, and the seniors tend to feel this need much more often than younger people. To eliminate these concerns, the caregiver must ensure the senior, whenever necessary, that he/she is safe.

The need for love and belonging

This need can have a big impact on a senior`s health. The caregiver must communicate with the senior, find out about their problems, organize activities designed to chase away loneliness and facilitate, if possible, the contact with other people.

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