Decorating Ideas For Your Senior Housing

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The transition from a house where you have lived for a long time to a new living environment can generate difficult emotions for everyone involved. Adult children may feel afraid to suggest to their parents what to do, and older parents may feel guilty that they are a burden, or may deny that it is time to make a change.

However, relocating to an Odessa assisted living senior community is a good option. This new space may seem unknown and strange at first, but only as long as you are still not used to it. Give yourself some time to get acquainted with the daily routine, the availability of services and the structure of the new apartment. Being involved in decorating your senior housing can be helpful to create a connection with this new environment and make it look more familiar. Plan together with your loved ones how you will decorate the new apartment with objects from the current home, but also with new objects. A new set of bedding or an art object can remind them that this new home has the potential for new experiences if they remain open to them.

Make sure that your decorating ideas do not have the potential to clutter your new home!