5 Stimulating Activities for Seniors

Evergreen Senior Living | Residents walking outdoors


As the population ages, volunteering will have to play a key role in active aging policies, becoming a good way not only to stay active but also to lead a life of high standards, personal achievements and social relationships.

Outdoor activities

Such activities will help older people to keep their minds clear, their bodies strong and their souls happy. Whether they spend time with their family at a picnic or go for walks, all seniors will feel a boost of their shape due to these activities.


Many seniors enjoy spending time playing backgammon, bingo, domino, chess, or making puzzles.

Creative and artistic activities

Dancing, painting, reading a book, going to the theater, practicing a hobby – all these activities have beneficial effects on concentration and memory, also producing a real refreshment of strength.

The Internet

More and more seniors discover the benefits of the Internet, especially in the form of easy communication with loved ones, sources of information in their areas of interest etc., and the fact that these things stimulate them to learn to keep up with technology is certainly beneficial.

All the above can be implemented a senior communities like Wesley Court.

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